What to give to a guy? This is a question that a lot of women never take the time to actually think of. The ones that do are the ones that have great relationships. In reality is not that hard to know what your man might like. Most of us guys are very simple and by just paying a little attention to what we like you should be able to easily figure this out.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that guys and girls don’t have the same taste or interests. I get tired of seeing girls buy their man flowers or stuffed animals. Guess what? We don’t like any of those things. This is a result of some women being too lazy to think and realize what their man likes. You have to understand that most men are practical and do not like to waste money or resources. We generally like things that we can use or things that we need. When women mistakenly gives us stuffed animals thinking we like them, in our mind we think they’re a waste of money and we can’t think of a place to put that useless present. You have to remember that these things take up space in our homes that don’t necessarily look too masculine and at the same time serve no purpose. The same applies to flowers.

With that in mind, know that all you have to do in order to figure out what a guy likes is to find out what we are passionate about and pay attention to the activities that we enjoy. Is that simple and most guys are into the same things. Depending on your budget the types of presents you may want to give a guy may vary.

First think about sports, does he have a favorite team? Which sport does he enjoy the most? A lot of us like different sports such as basketball, football, baseball, etc. A good present would be his favorite team’s jersey, specially during the regular season because we can wear it during game time (some of us don’t wear jerseys on a regular basis but do during the game). Make sure you buy an original or authentic jersey, it make a big difference even if you can’t tell what it is (most women can’t). They usually range between $200-$300 and sometimes more. You can also buy tickets to the game. That’s a wonderful present but it might require a little more effort from you to find out his availability and buy some that match his schedule. You do not want to spend money on some expensive tickets to later find out that he has to work or that he has a previous commitment. If you want to go the extra step also find out what season game will be a good match because a lot of the times when we go to a sporting event we like to see our team play against another good team. Also keep in mind that if you’re planning to come along do it with a positive attitude (even if you don’t like the sport) it just means a lot more to us. The idea is to have a good time together, otherwise just let him go with his buddies and you would be the coolest girlfriend or wife ever.

Another good way to find the perfect gift for your man is to know his interests or hobbies. If he’s into computers, than buy him a gadget that he needs and has been meaning to buy himself. Giving him something he was going to buy in the near future not only does it save him money but it’s also something he really wants. Just beware that you don’t buy the wrong one because that will put him in a situation where he has to pretend that he really likes it but in reality wishes he could exchange it for the right one.

Maybe he likes video games, so buy him the game he has been talking about so much every time the commercial is on TV. Perhaps your man’s really into his car (as most guys are) and you can just give him something that’s related to his car.

To recap, when you are thinking about giving your man a gift just think about things that are useful, he really likes and is not a waste of money. Just put yourself in his shoes and forget about the things you like and think about all the activities he does on a regular basis. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just buy him something he was planning to buy and beat him to it.

And the last advise, dear girls, if you are still in doubs or lack of ideas, visit Gear Hungry, where you will find millions ideas for presents!


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