How do you know if you’re in love with someone or if it’s just lust or the beginning of a relationship where you’re just so happy?
I’ve been dating a guy for almost 2 weeks now. I’ll admit it; we’ve done it. We’ve met each others family and friends, we’ve gone on dates, and he asked me to go on a little trip with him and I agreed to it. He’s all I think about at night, the simplest texts make me smile; he surprised me and showed up at my work, I dream of him. I don’t know. Is it love?


Plain and simple, the only way you’ll know its true love is through time. Right now it seems like you’re in a stage often referred to as the “honeymoon stage” where everything seems perfect and everything is cute and adorable. This only lasts a few months before the true personality of both comes out.

Let me just say that being with someone for 2 weeks is definitely not enough time to know if its true love. In my opinion, it takes a least one year to have a semi-accurate idea of being in love with someone or not. Keep in mind there’s a big difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

The way I define loving someone is when you care about that person so much that if that person went away, it would really have a big impact to the point where you would feel a big hole in your life and you would miss them tremendously. You would feel like something is always missing. Wow, was that your definition of being in love?

Now this is the difference between loving someone and being in love.

Being in love is all that, plus willing to give your life for that person. Being in love is thinking that if someone wanted to harm them you would rather be the one to be harmed as long as that person was left alone. Being in love with someone is wishing that if something bad was to happen it would happen to you and not them. Being in love with someone is making that person your first priority. Being in love with someone is when everything you do is with that person in mind and when you think about your future you always see that person next to you. That’s how I define being in love.

I don’t believe being in love can be achieved in a short period of time because a strong foundation of a relationship needs to be built and is absolutely necessary and essential before it can be accomplish. You also need to build memories and have experiences with each other in order to get to know them enough to determine if you can feel like this about a person. Obviously spending enough time with each other is utterly indispensable and is the main factor to being able to accurately define your feelings towards them.

Never try to rush things in a relationship and go too fast because as the saying goes; easy comes, easy goes. The harder something is to obtain the more emotional value it has to that person. They say that relationships that go through lots of hoops in order to survive and be together are the ones that last forever and the reason is the emotional value that one gives it. Take your time when it comes to dating and relationships and be patient. Get to know yourself by getting to know what you really like. In order to know what you really like you must have different experiences. And in order to have different experiences you must have exposure and diversity when it comes to dating. You wouldn’t just try one flavor of ice cream and say that’s your favorite without trying the other ones first.


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