Hello, I am 17 and I’m having some concerns about long distance relationships. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly 3 years and the past 10 months he has been living in Japan for a youth exchange program. Everything would be fine because he comes home in a month, but after the summer I will be moving away to Belgium for a year in August. I am really excited for my exchange and I have no doubts that I would stay faithful, but whenever I mention anything about he changes the subject and seems almost angry. I mean… I am only doing the exact same thing that he is doing and I have known that I’ve wanted to do this before we even started dating. Do you think he’s considering… I don’t even want to say it… but ending it? We have only talked twice in the past month and I am really worried if these are early signs.


He’s definitely not taking you seriously anymore and if you move away you might as well consider this relationship OVER. Please know that you’re way too young to be having issues over this boy. You sound like a smart girl so please just end this relationship even if he doesn’t. Focus on your education and date as many guys as possible and when you reach the age of 25, are finish with your education and know what kind of guys you really like, then at that point start looking for the guy you’re going to settle with. Hope this helps.


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