A couple of months ago I was joking around on Twitter with a guy I thought was cute, but he is also the lead singer of an up and coming band. When I say “up and coming” I mean, they are still the opener for the opener. Either way, they are gaining popularity so that’s good, but I am fully aware of what comes along with lead singers. So after a few brief direct messages on Twitter he gave me his number. During that time they were on tour and for the next 3 weeks we were texting all day, every day. Once he got home, both of our schedules filled up and communication went from daily to weekly. About 2 weeks ago he sent me the dates and venues for the next tour he is going on, and asked if he was coming close. I said he was about 3 hours away but said I would make it but I would just need a hotel. He said that he had to make some sleeping arrangements as well for a few more cities, including the one I will see him in. Jokingly I said he could stay with me, as we have been discussing a date from day 1. He agreed and when I asked about the other guys in the band he said he was tackling that next. I have travel points and can get hotels for pretty cheap so I told him I would take care of it to take the stress off. After that night though, communication has just halted. I know he is extremely busy, as am I, but why wont he text back? Also, I found his personal facebook this morning and am wondering if it would be creepy to friend request him? Help. Please.


The real question is, did you sleep with him?

If you did, chances are he got what he wanted and he has moved on.

Regarding the facebook situation, yes, that’s creepy. Do not friend him on facebook. You already have his cell phone number an he’s not texting you back by choice. If you see activity still going on his twitter, chances are that he’s avoiding you. Please stop and move on.


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