Hi, I’m a 52 years old woman and would like to know if you confirmed plans the day before to meet but were stood up by a no show/ no call is this being disrespectful to the other person?


Nine times out of ten when a man doesn’t show up to your date even after confirming the day before, it means that he has absolutely no concerned for your feelings or cares about you. In other words, you mean so little in his life that if you decide to never talk to him again it would not bother him at all.

In other situations this could also mean that you have tolerated this kind of disrespect in the past that he feels he can get away with anything and you will still take him back. He probably thinks a simple “I’m sorry” will be enough for you to forgive him and give him another chance.

However, there is a but. In certain situations there could be a possibility that something terrible did happen and as a result there was nothing he could do to contact you and let you know he wasn’t going to make it. Look, at 52 years old you’re not necessarily a young inexperienced high school girl and you should know by now if a person has a track record of being irresponsible or a liar. I’m a true believer of giving people the benefit of the doubt. If this person has never lied to you before and is generally a responsible person in other aspects of his life, chances are he has a legitimate reason. If this is the first time he has done this to you, maybe a second chance is appropriate or at the very least you should hear his explanation. On the other hand, if he has pulled this kind of stunt on you in the past and you’ve tolerated it, that should be enough reason to believe he just doesn’t respect you.

Like I said before, nine time out of ten there’s no excuse for not calling to say something came up. In this day and age of cell phones, texting and the internet, only an excuse such as a car accident and needed fast roadside assistance, severe illness or an arrest would be valid enough in my book for a second chance. Good luck.


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