My husband told me the other morning he wasn’t in love with me anymore,, said he loves me but hes not in love with me & so he moved out. How”d ya deal with the horrible horrible pain & loneliness & how long till it began to subside some?? Thanks for all help. 🙁

If your husband told you he doesn’t love you anymore, there’s really nothing you can do. You should never try to force a relationship when it’s clear that it’s over. Instead, you should look back at your entire relationship and think about all the good things and the bad things that ever happened and try to learn from those experiences. By doing this you can avoid making the same mistakes in your future relationships.

As far as your husband telling you that he loves you but he’s not in-love with you, that only means THAT HE DOESN”T LOVE YOU ANYMORE. This is just a nice way of putting it so you don’t feel as bad. Please don’t be a fool and think there’s more to it or hope that the relationship can be renewed. Even if down the line he decides to come back and say he wants you back, I would advice you to not even think about it because you will be sending the wrong message and basically saying you have no self-respect. At the same time you don’t know if later he might decide he doesn’t love you anymore again and you’ll have to start all over again and back to square one in the healing process.

The best way to deal with a break up such as this one is to let time go by, keep busy and start dating other people as soon as possible. Try let go of the idea that you can give your marriage an other try and completely get those thought out of your head. Remember that your brain is who controls your feelings.

So, if your brain moves on, your heart will soon follow.

Let me also refer you to one of my older posts titled; How do I get over my secret crush? and read the second half where I talk about getting over a past love.

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