Hi I just started dating a gentleman who I met in June 2010 and just started to date in January 2011. He is 33years old African American. we were friends first and just started to date. So my question is.. I’m I or are we obligated to give gifts on valentines day?

Answer from The Last Honest Guy

This is a great question and one where you really have to do some thinking before making a decision.

The reason I say this is because depending on what you decide to do now, it will set the expectation for the future. Since you guys have just started dating and it’s not what I consider to be a serious relationship yet, I would suggest you give a present or gift ONLY if you guys have made plans to go out on a Valentine’s Day.

Giving a small Valentines present would be the proper thing to do since that’s the reason for the date. I wouldn’t give anything of significant value because you would be setting the bar too high and if the relationship continues, you would feel pressured to give a bigger and better present the following year.

Just to clarify, by no means are you ever obligated to give any gifts on this occasion or any other occasion for that matter. Giving a gift is something people should only do because they feel like it and it should never be mandated. Hope that helps.

By the way, If you are planning to buy a gift I recommend you take a look at a recent article I wrote where I provide 10 Valentine Gifts Ideas for Him. Here, you’ll be able to find different gifts at different price ranges. Among the list you’ll find great gifts such as the following:

1. Sex Scratchers

This is also a fun gift that’s ideal for Valentine’s day. Get your game on with Baby’s Got Blackjack! Dig for bedroom gold with Pirate’s Booty! Get down with Dirty Dice! With 100 chances to win, these sexy scratch tickets give a whole new meaning to lotto fever!

It can also be a good additional gift to one of the other ones I’ve mentioned and it’s quite cheap too. This can give you something fun to do after Valentine’s dinner and change the routine.

Price: $9.95

2. Jack Daniel’s Flask/Case/Shot/Funnel Gift Set

Every guy out there has a favorite kind of alcoholic drink and luckily just about every major brand makes products with their logos and trademarks on them. It shouldn’t be very hard to figure out which one is his favorite and by simply looking for those items you can easily pick out a gift that you know he will love. Popular items includes things, like mugs, flasks and even boxers. So do a little bit of research and find the perfect one for him.

Price: $46.14

3. HARDON Cologne

Here’s another not so common type of gift. It’s called the HARDON Cologne and even though it is an actual cologne for guys, this one can be use in a different way. You can easily give this to your man and at the same time indicate that the night will have a “happy ending”. It’s a great way to make the night a lot more interesting than your typical Valentine’s dinner.  I should also add that you can also buy a matching condom to go with it and from the reviews I’ve read, it seems to smell quite good too.

Price: $19.99


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