My ex boyfriend broke up with me 9 months ago because he can’t accept that I have kids from a previous marriage (he’s 26, I’m 31) He says he doesn’t believe he loves me, but I feel like he does. We had a great relationship, great chemistry, are best friends, and are compatible in many areas. For 9 months we still continue to talk and see each other, and neither of us have wanted to fully stop. He seems confused, as he is trying to move on, but doesn’t want to let go of me. Am I fooling myself that maybe he will realize his true feelings?

Look, how stupid are you? If a guy breaks up with you and says he doesn’t believe he loves you is because HE DOESN’T BELIEVE HE LOVES YOU!!!!

There’s no two ways about it. Why is it so hard to understand? Most women are confused when their man doesn’t express his true feelings, but this guy is telling you exactly how he feels, god dammit!

The problem here is that you have kids from another guy and there’s nothing you can do about that, so move on, and find someone who accepts you with all your extra baggage.  Perhaps a guy who also has kid would be a good choice. Whatever you do, please don’t put your kids second because of this guy. It’s not worth it.


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