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Does this guy at work like me?

Does this guy at work like me? post image

Okay so me and this guy from work kind of had a thing for a couple of weeks, but all of a sudden it stopped. I decided to ask him what was going on, he told me that he has a hard time trusting people, I decided that me and him should be just friends [...]

I think he may like me, but then he starts talking about her post image

I met this guy at my son's sporting event. Both of our sons swim. He is a single parent like me. About 4 or so years ago his ex wife divorced him for another man. He has a live in girlfriend that he talks a lot a bout and seems genuinely fond of. I think [...]

Wa have a long distance relationship ordeal, huh…. post image

Hi. I I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I'm 21 and he's 23. We have a long distance relationship. 4 hours actually. The whole time we have been together there has been many girls making up things like that he cheats on me etc.. But ive found out that the girls have actually [...]

She Can’t Control Her Subconscious Mind – How to Know if a Girl Likes You post image

When talking to a girl, men are sometimes not sure whether the girl likes them and feels attracted, or perhaps, is just being nice and polite. In this post I will discuss the subconscious actions and hints women give men to show their attraction and interest. Paying attention to those hints can improve men's communication [...]

My man said something insensitive!

My man said something insensitive! post image

I am divorced and in a relationship with a non Jewish man. Our relationship has been warm and loving and he has many wonderful qualities and things in common. Yesterday, he asked me a question if I had "jewed him down" for a purse I purchased. After realizing that slipped out of his mouth, he [...]

What kind of guy says “NO” to friends with benefits? post image

This is an easy answer and not one that you want to hear but I'll say it anyways because, well I am The Last Honest Guy and this is what I do. The kind of guy that says “no” to a friends with benefits is one that finds you too damn ugly to hit it [...]

I have to constantly initiate sex!

I have to constantly initiate sex! post image

Hello Again Last Honest Guy :] My boyfriend and I are both active duty military and we are both 21 years old, me being 6 months older than him. We've been together for almost 5 months now and I've noticed something about him that has sparked a bit of curiosity in me. He's absolutely wonderful [...]

Stop being so needy

Stop being so needy post image

About a year ago, I was introduced to a friend of my brothers and cousin at my grandmother's visitation. Clearly, at that time, I had other things occupying my mind & I didn't think a lot about seeing him again after that. After a while I thought about him occasionally because he didn't really speak [...]

To date a virgin…

To date a virgin… post image

Hi I am a 23 year old girl/woman, who is looking for a decent guy. As it turns out, I am still a virgin; in part due to my upbringing in a fairly conservative society but more because I now find myself unable to simply give it away, so to speak. I am not psycho-religious, [...]

Is this even a relationship?

Is this even a relationship? post image

I recently left my husband and began talkin to an old high school friend. We were close but never dated. We are having sex. He has a friend that recently moved in with him but it is temp. He says he loves me. Whenever I ask for money he always gives me more than I [...]

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