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I have to constantly initiate sex!

I have to constantly initiate sex! post image

Hello Again Last Honest Guy :] My boyfriend and I are both active duty military and we are both 21 years old, me being 6 months older than him. We've been together for almost 5 months now and I've noticed something about him that has sparked a bit of curiosity in me. He's absolutely wonderful [...]

Stop being so needy

Stop being so needy post image

About a year ago, I was introduced to a friend of my brothers and cousin at my grandmother's visitation. Clearly, at that time, I had other things occupying my mind & I didn't think a lot about seeing him again after that. After a while I thought about him occasionally because he didn't really speak [...]

To date a virgin…

To date a virgin… post image

Hi I am a 23 year old girl/woman, who is looking for a decent guy. As it turns out, I am still a virgin; in part due to my upbringing in a fairly conservative society but more because I now find myself unable to simply give it away, so to speak. I am not psycho-religious, [...]

Is this even a relationship?

Is this even a relationship? post image

I recently left my husband and began talkin to an old high school friend. We were close but never dated. We are having sex. He has a friend that recently moved in with him but it is temp. He says he loves me. Whenever I ask for money he always gives me more than I [...]

How many guys is “too” many?

How many guys is “too” many? post image

Dear Last Honest Guy, I've taken your advice to move on to just casual dating (while focusing on my career/uni) and getting to know guys for who they are. I met the sweetest guy and I've been dating this guy for 2 months. We're the same age, we're doing our first year in university in [...]

Getting over a guy it’s easy!

Getting over a guy it’s easy! post image

Yes, I am just 13 years old, and I know that seems pretty young to want some guy advice, but I REALLY need help. You see, I've been trying to get over a guy I've been liking for like 9 months now, but I just can't seem to prevail. I have NEVER liked a guy [...]

A beer goggles experience!

A beer goggles experience! post image

I am a college student, and was recently at a party for St. Patrick's Day. I was having fun hanging out with people, when this guy came over and started dancing with me. He seemed sweet, so I continued to dance. We kind of talked a little bit, but then I thought I was going [...]

A shy guy who sends mixed signals

A shy guy who sends mixed signals post image

Basically, I have a huge crush on this guy but he can be kinda shy at times. On the first day we ever saw each other, he walked in through the door and just stared at me. A friend of mine opened the door for him and when he walked through, he just looked at [...]

Can anyone stand a liar?

Can anyone stand a liar? post image

I have some serious relationship issues and it seems my head and my heart can't work together on this one. I am very inexperienced when it comes to relationships only having 2 serious ones in my life, and the man I'm with now is the father of my son and was my first "real" boyfriend. [...]

Now do I respect his honesty and keep pursuing him or run for the hills? post image

I just met guy a few weeks ago. Hes 12 yrs older then me by the way. We both seem pretty similar. Were looking for the same qualities and traits in a partner. He's old fashion as far as how a relationship should operate. He believes the man should where the pants in the relationship [...]

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