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The New Tom Leykis Show

The New Tom Leykis Show post image

Have you ever heard of Tom Leykis? Don't feel bad if you haven't, he's been gone for the last 3 years. But don't worry you now have the chance again to get to know him and find out what he's all about. Tom Leykis is a radio host who has been described as a "shock [...]

Well, it's here our first promotional video. I just thought I would make a post about our first video to get some of your thoughts on it. Do you like it? What would you change about it? What's missing? Any suggestions? I hope you guys enjoyed it. It may not be all that exciting but [...]

Snooki vs Kim Kardashian

Snooki vs Kim Kardashian post image

Over this past weekend as I'm sure you all know the VMA 2010 took place and for some it was a success while for others it was a complete disappointment. Which ever way you may feel is really not what I'm here to discuss. What I do want to talk about is some of the [...]

Mel Gibson’s Explosive “Racist” Rants post image

I was really making an effort to not write about Mel Gibson and the number of audio tapes that have surfaced in the last several days about his so called “explosive rants” but I’ve had enough. I can’t help to think that so many people are blowing this out of proportion and making it a [...]

Sandra Bullock kisses Scarlet Johansson to get back at Jesse James? post image

So last night at the MTV Movie Awards Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlet Johansson and now everyone is talking about it (including us). It seem like the whole thing was just to get publicity but some are saying that Sandra Bullock was trying to send Jesse James a message to say “look at what you’re missing”. [...]

TigerText App for iPhone

TigerText App for iPhone post image

By now, some of you might have heard about a new iPhone app called the TigerText App. What is it? And what does it do?  This application works by allowing the sender to control when a text message is deleted from the recipient's phone and the TigerText server. In other words, it automatically deletes the [...]