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I’m dating a loser but I want to be with my bestfriend

I’m dating a loser but I want to be with my bestfriend post image


This might be kind of long. Okay so 5 years ago I ended up having an intimate relationship with my best guy friend. After a year, I wanted a commitment but he didn’t. He “treated” me like his girlfriend but never officially wanted to put a title on it. I eventually got upset then started dating another guy, this guy is completely different than type I go for. Within weeks we were officially in a relationship then my best friend started getting upset and telling me how much be loves me and tried to get back with me. I ended up staying in my relationship but now I’m thinking to go be with my best friend. I’ve been in my relationship for 2 years now but I feel like my boyfriend doesn’t have a plan for our future. My best friend on the other hand has a great career, nice income, his own condo and a car whereas my boyfriend has none of those things. He has changed a lot to be with me and says that all he wants is to make me happy. He stopped hanging out with his friends as much and pretty much became like a “yes man”. I feel bad that I’m not seeing a future with him anymore. I just want to know someone’s opinion if I’m wrong for wanting a man that can take care of me, I have feelings for my bestfriend and because he is so successful it just makes me want that lifestyle even more.

Ok, you sound like a gold digger but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. As a woman that you are, I think it’s extremely important to think about the future and be with a man that can support you financially and can secure a good future for you. At the same time you have to think about the possibilities of divorce since most marriages end in it now a days. With that said, you need to have a back up plan in case divorce was to ever happen, i.e. get your own career.

The guy you’re with sounds like a complete loser and if in fact he does not have any potential to ever be able to provide for you, then dump him immediately and stop wasting anymore of your life. i hope that helps and good luck.

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  • Purice Nichols

    I don’t think you sound like a gold digger at all, sweetie..u sound like uu want someone who has something going for himself, and with the economy the way it is and will only get worse, you need to look out for yourself and your future, and have someone who is willing to do that for you as well, and not to mention, someone you have admired and loved, even if it was a best friend, there is still LOVE…Sounds perfect, comfortable, comforting..and a perfect love story ending..Good luck..

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