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I’m dating my neighbor…

I’m dating my neighbor… post image

So, my neighbor and I have this thing going on. I wouldn’t call it a relationship, but we see each other often. He’s 19 and in college and I’m a high school senior. I’ve known him since I was a freshman, but we’ve never really hung out until now. Basically, the night of my 17th birthday he asked me if I wanted to come over an chill to celebrate. I decided why not!? since I was officially older and wanted to do something out of the norm for myself. So, I went over and we ended up having a really nice time. He texted me again the next weekend to see if I wanted to come over again, and I agreed. This time we ended up drinking a bit, which ended up leading to intimacy. We made out and he did me a few favors, but I didn’t do anything for him. Since then we’ve hung out a bit and the intimacy hasn’t gone past oral on my part. When we hangout it’s usually not sexual anymore, in fact, the past few times we’ve done anything together I haven’t gotten more than a peck on the lips (which I appreciate because even though it’s nice to be intimate with him that’s not all I want). The more we hangout the more I learn about him, and I’ve really begun to enjoy the time we spend together. Awhile ago we went to a party together and he ended up being getting pretty drunk, during that time he told me that he’d been thinking about us dating and said that he wanted to take me out for dinner radda radda adda..Anyways I just told him that I’d think about it since he was drunk and I figured he’d forget that’d he said anything to me the next day. That was also around the time we’d just started hanging out, so I didn’t know him as well then. But, basically he hasn’t brought it up since however we still hangout literally every weekend. We’ve yet to go on a real date though, so my question to you is does he like me? Or even see a potential for a relationship?

Because the more I get to know him the more the crush I have grows a little bit. I wouldn’t say I’m completely attached or anything but I do care for him and I don’t wanna waste my time if he only sees me as a booty call.. which really is inaccurate because we’ve never had sex but still…

I really think this guy likes you.

With that said, there’s no doubt he also wants to get laid. C’mon any 19yr old guy definitely wants to get some tail at that age, so let’s be real. Please don’t get confused between a guy who only wants booty and a guy who really cares, there is such thing as a guy who wants both. This guy sounds like he really like you and also wants to get laid.

Always keep this in mind; all guys want to get laid. You just need to find the ones who are also respectful and treat you the way you want to be treated.

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  • soyouhaveagirlfriend

    I’ve gotta disagree with you a bit here. Not to say this is always this case, but there have been several occasions where I have denied sex because I was concerned about how many girls I had slept with. I was scared my number was getting too high, so I stopped sleeping with girls outside of a relationship and really only wanted to be with girls I was dating and emotionally vested in. Especially since sex w/o the emotion isn’t nearly as good.

    In this case though, I’d say “say something!” Or, play a game with him. Tell him you’ve got a date with someone else coming up and see how he reacts. I’m from the mindset that it’s on the guy to do something, but I’m not against the girl stepping up either and taking matters into your hands. If you want to be with him, tell him.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    I would have to say you’re the exception to the rule and it’s pretty safe to assume most 19yr old males want to get laid as much as possible…

  • ShamrockGift Reviews

    i think that both of you fall in love but both of you are afraid to tell each other 😀

  • Brazilian wife

     That is right he has a feeling to you and don’t confuse on it.