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My man said something insensitive!

My man said something insensitive! post image

I am divorced and in a relationship with a non Jewish man. Our relationship has been warm and loving and he has many wonderful qualities and things in common. Yesterday, he asked me a question if I had “jewed him down” for a purse I purchased. After realizing that slipped out of his mouth, he felt terrible and apologized. This is a very offensive remark and very derogatory to Jewish people and I am having difficulty getting past this. I am mortified that he used this vocabulary and in front of my mother yet!! Please help with any advice, your thoughts are appreciated.

Quite honestly I don’t think it’s a big deal. So the guy said something insensitive to you but later apologized, so what!

Stop being so sensitive about these things and learn to get over insignificant things like this one quick. Believe me, if you’re going to make a big deal every time something like this happens you will probably end up getting another divorce soon.

In a relationship you need to pick your battles and really stand up for yourself on things that matter not on things that are insignificant. You have described your relationship as warm and loving and there’s many people out there that can’t say the same thing about their relationship.

My advice is to get over it and move forward.

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  • Margo_snyder

    I think a racial slur is a big deal. It’s good that your guy recognized his mistake, and apologized, but I don’t think you’re being “too sensitive” (which seems to be honest guy’s answer for every legitimate question.) And telling her if she voices her unhappiness she will probably end up getting divorced? Please. 
    I agree that you do need to pick your battles, but your man using a derogatory remark in front of your mother of all people is a reason for further discussion. Just try not to turn it into a huge fight, but instead approach it like this: “I know you’ve already apologized for that remark you made, and I forgive but I just want to be sure it won’t happen again, it really hurt my feelings” Don’t be combative, or play the victim, just tell him how you feel and talk it out. I have a dating advice blog, and I find that it is a lot more helpful to not be so judgemental and rude. It also gives you a lot more credibility as a writer.

  • Irked

    I agree.  This is the second blog post I’ve read from honest guy and I’m surprised he has any readers and even more surprised that anyone bothers to ask him questions.  He deals in stereotypes way more than any writer should and constantly assumes an accusatory tone toward women.  I can only hope that honest guy is just a troll and doesn’t actually believe in the filth he purveys but if he does, he’s certainly a very sad, narrow minded human being.

  • tk421

    lmao thats actually pretty funny, dont take everything so offensivly everyone says things like that about every type of person race religion everything, he obviousl didnt mean in it in a harsh way and apoligized for it

  • Divdlsjod

    Why do jewish people feel offended for everything!! and everybody is antisemitic….get over it! stop victimizing yourself! 

    On the other hand, it’s not that you’re jewish anyway…you’re most probably a decendent from the kahzar people (like 90% of the so callled jews)…real jewish people have never emigrated from the middle east, they are good people…..kahzar people are luciferian zionist that try to control the world…