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Why does he only call me CUTE?

Why does he only call me CUTE? post image

I’ve always wondered about this. For a guy and someone they’re trying to have a relationship with or dating, is there a difference between calling the girl cute, pretty, hot, gorgeous, or sexy? I’ve always wondered about how guys see this. Before he was my boyfriend and even as my boyfriend, something that he said has always bothered me but I never really told him how I felt. He had always called me just cute. “You’re so cute.” “You’re the cutest.” Now, it’s nice he thinks I’m cute, but I’d like him to think I’m beautiful. Cute just seems like he’s describing a puppy or kitten and doesn’t make me feel very secure. He’s never called me pretty or beautiful, but then tell me why he has no problem saying in front of me and his friends that his ex girlfriend is beautiful, so what’s

his deal? He’s the only one that calls me cute. All other guys who want to be with me have no problem telling me that I’m pretty, gorgeous, hot or sexy. Never cute.

What does all this mean for a guy???

Being referred to as “cute” is not necessarily a bad thing and I think you’re just not happy that he hasn’t called you anything else besides cute. It sounds like you’re over conscious about the word and it’s making you notice it even more than normal.

Also, let me ask you this; do you really think you’re gorgeous, hot or sexy? C’mon be honest. On a scale of 1-10, where do you land? Are you a 10 or maybe a 5?

If you’re not a 10 but rather on the opposite side of the scale then it’s perfectly normal that he doesn’t say you’re HOT. He would be lying if he did. Of course I don’t know what you look like but I think you can answer those questions to yourself and find the answer.

On the other hand if you are a 10 and he’s still not referring to you as hot then I suggest you read a previous article I wrote on this subject, What do men’s compliments really mean?

However, my advice to you is to give it a rest. If your relationship appears to be going good and the only problem is the fact that he only calls you cute, then you have nothing to worry about. Be happy that you have a good relationship and get over it. You’re over reacting.

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  • Lena

    I think I would have a problem if he’s referring to his ex as hot, gorgeous or beautiful in front of me and his friends, and only calling ME cute. I mean, if he’s dating down and he’s basically saying it in my face, I would get pissed off and I would say something about it. True, maybe I’m not as hot as his ex, but why in the world would he refer to his ex as beautiful in front of me, when he knows he’s never even near called me that? It’s stupid and this is the kind of stupidity that gets men in trouble. I know you have a need to stick to your “pack”, dude, but at least try to make sense.

  • nina

    I agree. Personally I think beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The beauty measure is not the one on the beauty contest as to how perfect the face structure is or how fair you are or how artistic your eye brow is. My ex & literally all the other guys and girls & I believe I am beautiful but my boyfriend doesn’t say that at all but he called his ex beautiful plenty times. It does make me feel low & when I confronted him, he says he did not say that I am not beautiful and he does not judge people on beauty. But his answer didn’t even help.

    You deserve to be called & told you are beautiful, especially by your boyfriend.

  • Christina

    What if he’s being honest in his opinion of you? Why should he call you something if he doesn’t believe it himself?Would you rather he lied about what he thinks of you? If you don’t like it, find another boyfriend who sees you the way you want to be called, beautiful, etc. He may like that you’re cute, maybe that’s something unique for him to describe your personality and why he finds you attractive. Personally I prefer guys who are “cute” over all other descriptions, so maybe he is like that.

  • Mimi

    Excusing that kind of behavior is ridiculous, specially coming from a woman. Being a doormat is never something admirable. You start putting up with ish like that, 5 years later you’re wondering why you wasted precious time with the douchebag beside you. Have some dignity, if he considers his ex hot and you’re only merely “cute” to
    him, time to leave the POS. I wouldn’t be subjected to that ish just to keep d*ck beside me.

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