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Is this even a relationship?

Is this even a relationship? post image

I recently left my husband and began talkin to an old high school friend. We were close but never dated. We are having sex. He has a friend that recently moved in with him but it is temp. He says he loves me. Whenever I ask for money he always gives me more than I ask. We don’t talk much on the phone and we don’t spend anytime together. He also has other friends he told me about. I feel like what we do is all that’s gonna be between us. I know he likes me but its not enough. He has also been married twice. I feel like he is guarding himself. Should I run and don’t look back. I have strong feelings for him already. I’m so confused.

What you need to do is first define what you’re looking for in a relationship and see if he’s capable of providing it.

It’s really important that you clearly define your needs because that’s the only way you’ll know if he is worth sticking around with.

You didn’t mentioned how long you guys have been dating for and time could also be something you may need to invest in to know what his true intentions are. Remember that expecting a guy to want a long and committed relationship from the get go is very unlikely.

Most guys get in a relationship in order to get laid on a regular basis. After some time of banging away and of course getting to know a girl, feelings might start to develop. Make sure you’ve gotten past that stage. If you never get pass that stage that means he only wanted sex from you, sorry.

Also, I hope you’re not expecting him to propose any time soon. After 2 failed marriages, I doubt he wants to make that same mistake for a third time. If you have intentions of doing that then forget about him and move on.

My advice is to just be clear about what you want out of him and if he has potential than stick by him. If he doesn’t just move on.

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