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Getting over a guy it’s easy!

Getting over a guy it’s easy! post image

Yes, I am just 13 years old, and I know that seems pretty young to want some guy advice, but I REALLY need help. You see, I’ve been trying to get over a guy I’ve been liking for like 9 months now, but I just can’t seem to prevail. I have NEVER liked a guy this much before, and I honestly don’t know why I do. We’re complete opposites, he’s the obnoxious troublemaker, and I’m the little miss goodie two shoes. He says he loves someone else, and I’m tired of crying over him. Please help me, I really don’t know what to do!

It’s not hard to get over a person but it does take time. The easiest way to do this is by simply not being in the same place as that other person. Try to avoid them at all cost for some time until you feel you can go on with your life without thinking about him.

Also, focus your attention on other things. In other words keep yourself busy.

If possible, try dating other guys so that you see he’s not the only guy on earth.

Hope this helps and do keep me updated on your situation. Good luck.

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    You have to understand that if he did not elicit your emotion to make you feel like the greatest woman on the planet then you are better-off without him. Sometimes you may remember how he used to kiss and you may even miss his presence. Well there is nothing you can do now, just carry on with your life.