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How much time should I wait until I really have to just move on. Please help me!

How much time should I wait until I really have to just move on. Please help me! post image

I don’t know where to even start, This guys I’ve been talking to for over a year and we dated for 5 months he broke up with me the day before valentines day and hasn’t tried to contact or talk to me about anything. I tried talking to him two times and he has fully ignored my message. this one girl I used to be friends with started talking to him and has been since the breakup and she’s going around telling people he’s done with me and has saying mean things. I want so bad to talk to him about everything and to be able to work everything out. I’m in love with the kid and he broke up with me because he didn’t wanna fight and because he needed to focus on wrestling. His brother is really good friends with my sister and he will ask questions about if I’m seeing anyone or talking to anyone and it has to be because my ex is asking. He’s also asked my 2 good friends about me too and his best friend. Is there hope? and if there is how much time should I wait until I really have to just move on. please help me!

Move on immediately! You should never take that kind of disrespect from ANYONE. What this guy has done to you is completely diss you in front of everyone who knows you and that should NEVER be tolerated under any circumstances.

I don’t even understand why you would want to give this guy a chance or be willing to “work everything out” as you put it.  He definitely does not deserve that kind of attention from you.

As a young women, you should really learn to value yourself and a have a set of standards that you should always meet. Number one on the list should be self-respect. the minute anyone ever disrespects you and shows absolutely no consideration for you, that person should immediately be thrown out of your life.

Please, grow up and don’t fall for someone who isn’t worth your time. Most importantly, effective immediately; stop begging him. Begging only makes you look desperate.

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