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So a recent Pantene Hair Survey found that men notice a woman’s hair before they notice her boobs, WRONG!

So a recent Pantene Hair Survey found that men notice a woman’s hair before they notice her boobs, WRONG! post image

So there was a survey done by no one else but Pantene, in case you don’t know, they’re the shampoo company. And this is what they found:

74% of men indicated that they notice women because of their hair and 44% of men surveyed said that hair is the first thing they notice about a woman, more than her clothes (26%), legs (25%), or makeup (4%).

Most men surveyed would be more likely to approach a woman at a bar with great hair than a woman wearing a low-cut shirt.

82% of men indicated that sexy hair is a key element to a woman’s overall sex appeal.

60% of men surveyed say they would rather date a woman with great hair than a woman with big breasts.

And 78% of men surveyed consider healthy hair to be a turn-on.

Basically what this survey found was that man notice a woman’s hair before they do anything else. Guess what? It’s not true.

I’m here to clear the record and say on behalf of all men that this is a bogus claim that’s completely bias. First of all, this is a shampoo company we are talking about. Wouldn’t you think that they would benefit from tricking women in to thinking this is actually true? Of course they would, if they get you to believe this it will make you go out and want to buy their stinking shampoo!

Ironically, I actually use this brand of shampoo. But that’s besides the point.

Second, conveniently enough we don’t really know the real way, method or environment in which this survey took place. For all anyone knows the questions could’ve been written in a way in which guys would be more likely to answer in a favorable way for Pantene. I mean, why else would Pantene spend the money and effort to conduct this survey if they didn’t make sure they were going to get the outcome they want? Yea! I’m pretty suspicious of that. All we have now are the “results”.

Anyways, the bottom line is that this survey can pretty much get thrown out the window and it shouldn’t hold any real value to anyone out there, specially women.

Now to the real truth

Men notice all the physical features of a women first and I’m going to tell you why. Men generally are attracted to certain physical features of a woman, whether they are boobs, legs, ass or anything in between. Sometimes just about everything I just mentioned.

So when we first see a woman, we usually do a full body scan of her from top to bottom. If she has nice boobs, our eyes automatically stop there. If she doesn’t have nice boobs then we continue to scan down and either stop again at her waist if she has a nice one or simply notice her butt and then stop there. This is just standard procedure and it’s an automatic behavior by a man.

No doubt that we notice everything else, of course we notice her face, lips, hair and every single one of her physical features. But believe me if a woman is flat, with no ass, or fat and just happens to have incredible nice looking hair, that’s just not going to cut it.

Having ONLY nice hair like the survey suggests is not enough for a guy to be attracted to you.

The bottom line is that although having good healthy hair is definitely a plus, if you think that’s enough to attract the attention of a man, it’s not. Please don’t be fooled by a survey done by a company who benefits from making you think this. You didn’t believe them, did you?

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  • Skei chan

    This is the first article i’ve read on this website. I only came upon this website because of pure boredom. And to say the least I was only curious about this article because of the bold title.So a recent Pantene Hair Survey found that men notice a woman’s hair before they notice her boobs, WRONG!
    This first off already has the words “Men”, “Notice”, and “Boobs” all in one sentence, and whenever you combine these three words you’re already touching on a iffy subject. I personally feel that this article groups all the men into one category, by making them all seem like their “Body scanning” robots who base their entire opinion on a woman by boobs, legs, butt, and any other physical feature. This in itself seems hypocritical since you earlier said that Pantene is only coming from a bias POV. But your opinion about it is also bias. Now I will give you the fact that men are human, and only follow human nature by being attracted to physical features. But using such blunt words and phrases like “a woman who’s flat with no ass” or “Fat with nice hair” won’t cut it? Who are you to say who’s attractive to men and who aren’t. You are simply looking at it through stereotypical glasses, the typical Blonde, big boobs, round butt, 36′-24′-36′ body type. When I first came to this site “The Last Honest Guy” i was expecting a less sexist guy to give great opinions. 


  • The Last Honest Guy

    Honey, I’m sorry if you got disappointed by the TRUTH. You see, a lot of women like to think that the world is perfect and they’re living a love story from a movie, but that’s just not true. What I say here is just the honest truth about most men and the way we think. Of course there’s always an exception to every rule but what I say on here is meant for women to get a taste of what we really do think when it comes to relationships, dating and sex. If you want to continue to think you live in a fairy tale then by all means go to another site, but if you really want to know how most guys think then this is it! This site is only for people who can handle the truth and want to know about the inner thoughts of a guy, sorry.

  • Estinsonrn

    Can I just say….that girl is full of shit.  Men really like nice boobs, a round ass, and a fit body.  There is a huge culture of acceptance when it comes to women in today’s world.  They think that it’s just okay to get “a little pudgy”, or give less BJ’s after getting married.  The REAL truth is just as you said Honest Guy. If you forget about a sexy body,  your man is going to forget about YOU.  And that’s the honest truth.  I work hard to keep myself looking sexy (and that includes my hair, thankyouverymuch).  And now my husband looks at MY rack….and not the girl next to me.

    Sorry Skei Chan….you’re a disappointment.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Well said! I’m glad to get the point of view of a woman who actually understands what I say and who also has a happy relationship as a result. Thanks for giving us your input.

  • Neil Pearson

    I totally agree with your real truth! Yeah hair alone isn’t going to cut it. You might notice it first but the other parts need to fall in place.

  • Skei Tora Chan

    “forget about a sexy body, men forget about you”….wow really? I’m assuming you’re a woman since you said your husband. So does you husband base a majority of his love off of how you look or how many bj’s you give him? If so…your marriage is a disappointment. fine, if you want to generalize that  “truth” to everyone good for you. I was just pointing out that not ALL men look at breasts first.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    It’s plain and simple, Estinsonrn from the comment above will go on to have a long and successful marriage because she understands her man and the way he thinks. You on the other hand will probably be divorced by the time you’re 40 and at that point you will be lonely and miserable and will have to settle for whatever low life you can find out there. Maybe at that point you will start to realize that what I say on here is true. Of course at that point it will be too late to do anything about it. Sorry truth hurts…

  • Skeichan

    You actually sound like some kind of internet bully to me. Telling me that i’ll be divorced and lonely. Who knows, maybe I will be divorced, in which case I would be happy, because if my husband divorces me because I don’t give him enough blow jobs then he wouldn’t deserve me anyways. I do understand how men work, I understand that what initially draws them in is physical traits, that’s just social and biological darwinism. But if he doesn’t stick around because you don’t want to get on your knees 5 times a week or you don’t have a 11 body on a scale of 1-10, then he’s the problem not you. I understand that this is how you judge and analyze women, but the main reason I commented was to defend the men who don’t base their entire relationship off of looks and sex. And as for the woman who you think will have a successful relationship, it’s fine to keep a healthy body, but it’s also important to keep a healthy mind. You honestly sound like you have some kind of deep rooted insecurity with your looks even though i’m sure you look amazing and the reason you need to “keep your man happy” with sex is to make up for the lack of self assurance and security in your life. 

  • The Last Honest Guy

    First of all what kind of trophy or price do you think you are by saying that if you’re husband divorces you he didn’t deserve you? Like any man who decides to bang you is somehow privileged to be with you. Are you kidding me? Do you really think this way? Guess what you’re not that special and any relationship should be of equal commitment and value. Just because you put out, it doesn’t mean your making your man a favor! That kind of mentality will definitely leave you divorced and lonely at this rate and I’m not being a “bully” it’s called tough love!
    Look it’s plain and simple, you either accept that most guys think the way I put it on this blog or you live in ignorance thinking relationships should be the way Hollywood makes it seem on every chick flick you’ve ever watched. Even the ugliest guy out there who would probably settle for a broad like you wishes he could be with a girl who looks way better than you. The only reason he’ll stay with you is because he can’t get a chick that’s a 10.
    Sorry, like I said earlier this is called tough love.

  • Skeichan

    First I would also like to point out the fact that in your comments to me you act like you’re saying that you’re speaking for “most men” in which case you sound like you’re not trying to generalize all men…but in fact in your article you are since you clearly say that “…on behalf of all men…” so you do speak for “all” men which you can’t really honestly say that since you don’t know how all men think. Point and case with that fact. AND also I am glad that I treat my body like a prize and trophy, it might not be the best body or whatever but every woman should treat her body like it’s a prize! No matter how you look. So i don’t really know why you think that’s like a insult to me or something, last time i checked girls who treat themselves like who you are suggesting that they treat themselves are called sluts, and if treating my body right makes me not a slut then FINE BY ME! Also i am pretty sure you either removed some of this article since when i last read it, it had something about giving your man bj’s and what not, so I find it interesting that i can’t seem to find that in the article now. ALSO I said that if my husband divorced me because I wouldn’t give him BJ’s all the time then he didn’t deserve me…basically i’m saying that if he leaves me for the wrong reasons then it’s not my fault. 

    ALSO you say I act like any guy who gets to have sex with me is a privilege! Well it is a privilege! It’s not like i’m just going to let any guy have sex with me. Why do you think that having sex with any girl isn’t a privilege? Do you think you have some kind of god given right to have sex with any girl you want? Last time I checked thats called rape. AND LAST COMMENT! Please learn how to use the correct form of your and you’re…you’re a blogger…write like one. 

  • The Last Honest Guy

    OK, trying point out autocorrect errors doesn’t prove your point in anyway. Specially when it comes from someone who doesn’t know how to use commas or something as simple as capitalizing “I” and “I’m”. There! You made yourself look like a bigger airhead. Not to mention the fact that you’re accusing me of deleting parts of my original post, saying there was a part where I wrote about bj’s. Are you that dumb that you can’t realize that it was a comment from a reader above who mentioned giving bj’s to her husband? I’m sorry but you’ve lost all sense of credibility!

    By the way, on this blog I do speak on behalf of all men because I know how most guys think because I am one! Also, the fact that I’ve spent over 15 years studying and analyzing human behavior and interaction I think says a LITTLE bit about me. Don’t you agree?

    Since you’ve admitted to be a slut and said it was fine to call you one, I don’t  think there will be any problems saying the following. I am now convinced that a slut, such as yourself will definitely be used by another guy until he has gotten bored of you and your ideas of being some kind of price to him and will shortly dispose of you like a used kleenex unless you change the way you think. Good luck in the trash can!

    Women like you deserve to get dumped by guys because you don’t make an effort to understand how most men think. Even when you have a resource such as this blog you still refuse to accept it and use this valuable information to your advantage. Wouldn’t you think, if you have a portal to the thought of what guys think you would at least take this information in consideration so that you can make better decisions when it comes to dating, marriage and sex?

    Of course, an airhead like you wouldn’t. So I give up and say you’re going to get exactly what you deserve when a guy cheats on you, uses you for only sex and later dumps you. I hate to sound like this (actually I don’t) but you’ve forced me to be brutally honest and I just don’t know any other way to say this. It’s no use, I doubt you’ll ever understand…

  • Skeichan

    Wow, can you not read? I clearly said that if me not treating my body badly makes me NOT a slut then fine with me. Please learn to read and analyze. And I really dont think that you’re study of human behavior for how ever long really gives you any kind of right to speak for every man in the universe. Once again I hate having to repeat myself but you clearly can’t seem to retain anything I say, but I did say that I do agree that men are first attracted to physical features, I just disagree with the way you think that men will only stay with a woman for her looks. Now as for everything you said above, what is wrong with you? Do you think personally attacking me is going to get you cheers from everyone and that it makes you some kind of big man?? No it doesn’t, it actualy makes me further discredit your opinions.

  • Skeichan

    …also I like how you didn’t reply to my comment about sex being a privilege. I’m saying that not just sex with me but every woman is a privilege. And I do believe relationships should have equality and equal value, I’m not saying that I think men should only care about me and only give me what I want. I also don’t believe that relationships are like fairy tales, in no way or form did any of my comments infere that I think that. I stopped believing that in high school. Also you pride yourself on being truthful but in fact im not a slut and no guy had used me not will use me like a tissue. Ha actually your comments just made me bust out laughing in the middle of class. Your pitiful “insults” are petty and low. Grow up an learn how to correctly reply to commenters. As a writer you should be more mature and not stoop so low.

  • Skeichan

    And fuck auto correct I know how to use your and you’re

  • Skeichan

    Excuse my iPhone autocorrect

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Clear example of why you shouldn’t talk about grammar, lol.

    “And I really dont think that you’re study of human behavior for how ever
    long really gives you any kind of right to speak for every man in the

    Talk about not knowing to how to use your and you’re!

  • The Last Honest Guy

     Obviously not good enough!

  • The Last Honest Guy

    As I said before, it’s no use trying to get through to you. I’ve given up and unfortunately you’ll have to learn the hard way.

  • skeichan

    yeah I obviously owned up to that in my comments above, anyways you’re just being ridiculous. Here are the facts: 1) You don’t speak for ALL men, you speak for what you think are most men. 2) Your article wasn’t sexist, but your comments to me were. 3) I can handle the truth, I admitted that men do notice women initially for their physical features, I just disagreed with how you put it that men only stay with what they can get if they can’t do better. 4) The only reason you resorted to petty insults is because you HONESTLY know you have nothing else to say back to me since I am right. 

    Also, just because someone disagrees with you opinion doesn’t give you the right to jump down their throat and dish out insults. If you were mature you would have looked at it from my perspective and then given your input on how I see it rather than “Honey” me in your 1st comment back. 

    I would love to hear you address my comments about how you think that sex isn’t a privilege since you said nothing to that. 

  • The Last Honest Guy

    First of all I have the right to do and say whatever I want on this blog because I’m the boss here! If you can’t handle me, there’s plenty of other sites out there that will sugarcoat everything and say things in a way that the little ladies won’t get offended. Not here!
    Sex a privilege? Never! For most men sex is a mutual decision between two adults to satisfy a natural need. You’re not doing anyone a favor by putting out. Any woman that uses sex to control a man and get the things they want from him is a whore whether you like it or not.
    By the way for most men, sex is just like using a restroom. When you have to go, you have to go. Whether is with you, a blow up doll, the palm of the hand or another woman that will put out more than you.

  • skeichan

    I did not tell you that you couldn’t say what you wanted. But you should have tried to look at the situation through more angles than just yours. I’m not asking for sugar coating so stop acting like you know me. Yeah, being able to have sex is a privilege to both people. I’m not trying to make women seem like the head of the world and like they can control men with sex, in no way did i say that women have the right to control men with sex haha. I guess what i’m trying to say is that originally I didn’t like how you said that women who aren’t the perfection of beauty won’t cut it. And now my disgust towards  you is more that you are such a petty and low human being. Calling me a slut and dumb whore. You don’t even know me, but you’re going to sit over there and make judgements like you’re god or some thing. In which another case I hope you’re not religious because you’d be just  another luke warm pussy of a religious person sitting over there dishing it out like you’re some kind of something. You’re as bad as Limbaugh. Whatever I’m not wasting my time and energy on such a waste of space jerk off like yourself. So have a nice superficial life, when I’m at the end of mine and happy with how i lived and and your sitting all alone wondering where you went wrong hope you think of this conversation. Hope you get distracted my a nice pair of tits while you’re driving and drive off a fucking cliff! 

  • Kassy Jackson

    Just realized how long ago these comments were posted. I’d like to first state that I like your overall opinions and views… They are refreshing and honest and I’ve binge read many of your articles tonight. In the comments section is where I was disappointed. Obviously this is an old thread and I don’t feel right making any judgement calls about you based on your comments but nonetheless they disappointed me. Your advice is great without the jabs at people who disagree. It’s unprofessional to call names and it takes away from your excellent writing. Just keep doing you, you shouldn’t feel the need to get so defensive.

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