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A female chubby chaser?

A female chubby chaser? post image

Ok… so I’ve been talking to and really enjoying this great guy I met through friends, my only issue is that he’s considerably larger than me, I’m 5’4, 105 lbs, he’s 6’0, 300+ (I’m bad a judging guy weight but he’s pretty huge), I don’t really know how any of the physical stuff would work….. HELP!!

Answer from The Last Honest Guy

I guess that would make you a female chubby chaser. Wow 300+ lbs is huge and I really hope you’re miss judging his weight. In any case I guess what you’re trying to say is that he is considerably bigger then you.

As far as your question goes, you really don’t have much to worry about. Everything should be able to line up when it’s time to get freaky. About the only problems you might encounter are the lack of mobility by him in the bedroom. This means that certain sexual positions might be hard for him to achieve. It also means that you might be the one doing most of the work.

Overall, I think you’ll be ok. There’s lots of odd couples out there and they seem to make it work somehow. By the way, you guys will be consider an “odd couple” so be prepared to handle the extra attention.

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  • David Kyles

    lol, 300 pounds is not THAT huge when you consider that he is also 6 feet tall, with no knowledge of his muscle mass which lends more weight than his fat mass would.  Either way, in general, 300 probably is about right for a tall guy with a little extra meat on his bones.  Ask some tall guys their weight and you’ll see what I mean,  300 isn’t “huge” in that way.

  • Rambler1988

    Im 6’8″ 306lbs. Ive dated women who were about 5′ it works. The only problem is having to bend down 3 feet for a kiss lol.

  • tk421

    im 6’5” 474 i carry my weight well i have muscles and i surely have never had any problems in the bedroom keg stomach or not lol, usually I end up doing the “work” for whats its worth…haha rambler I so know that feeling lol, never had a skinny girl that liked me though =/

  • Imdvus2u2

    im 300lbs never have an issue when i get freaky. i have a very large upper body, and no i dont crush any of my lovers ever. i have very good stamina as well. i have lasted for several hrs at a time, foreplay included. besides the more sex i have the more weight i loose. im single and looking for a smaller younger woman now. any takers?

  • Imdvus2u2

    and yes im over 6 ft tall.

  • Deidre Moore

    More better for you, you get to ride more often, big men like that and so will you, LOL.

  • Katleen

    I love guys that are much bigger than me. My man weights twice I do. He is about 270lb. And we can still do any positions possible. He is big and strong. Well I am chubby chaser i can’t imaging myself with a skinny guy. Skinny guys just don’t turn me on.  

  • Silent reader

    I’m a petite lady 5″, 92 pounds. My bf is 5″11′ and >250 and sex with him is like the best sex I’ve ever had 😛 Certain positions like the doggie style or sideway or me on top works better than others, but since I’m flexible and he’s very gentle we never have a problem/injury in the bedroom lol. Other than it’s a bit awkward in the shower since he has to bend way down or i need to step on a chair, we have tried virtually every position 🙂 Trust me, it will work out!