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Is it worth fighting to save your relationship after an infidelity?

Is it worth fighting to save your relationship after an infidelity? post image


A couple a weeks ago or so, I wrote a guest post on my friends website, and I think is something worth reading for anyone who has ever been cheated on or even just in case it ever happens to you, hopefully it doesn’t but better safe than sorry. I talk about making a decision to stay with that person or not after an infidelity. I know, the typical answer is leave the cheater, but is that always the right decision? Find out when you should leave and when you should stay.

Read the full article HERE.

Also don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts on the comment section and check out the biggest picture of me ever!

I would love to hear your opinion on the subject and the way you’ve dealt with a situation like this one in the past.

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    Discovering that your partner has had an affair is one of the most painful experiences one can suffer in a committed relationship. 

  • Save Your Relationship

    The first thing you should do is actually find out if the relationship
    is really worth preserving. Presently, it is true that virtually every
    relationship could be saved with hard work and dedication from both
    parties in the relationship. But, both parties need to be dedicated to
    make it work. If someone won’t invest in it, then there is little that
    can be done to save the relationship. And a lot of couples stay in a
    relationship because it is actually comfortable, much easier to do, as
    well as stay because of the children.