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Why men and women can’t understand each other

Why men and women can’t understand each other post image

You often hear both men and women saying things like; “I just can’t understand him/her”. The truth is, the old saying men are from Mars and women from Venus has a lot of truth in it. That’s because at times it does seem like they are from completely different planets. One thinks one thing while the other thinks another. Sometimes it seems like men and women can never be on the same page. The bad news (not really) is that somehow we need to figure out how to co-exist and live together. But why is it that we can’t seem to understand each other?

The answer to that question is because we are completely different and therefore think and view situations in a different way. Men generally treat and make decisions on certain situations based on their own point of view and ideas that more often than not are completely different from a woman’s point of view. But just because we think differently that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to get along and live together. That’s what makes the human race great. We can learn and adapt to our environment. And for the people who seem to not be able to figure this out, fortunately there’s lots of resources and people who know what they’re doing out there and are happy to help and provide good relationship advice.

The main element to having a good and successful relationship is no doubt, great communication. If we can learn to be effective communicators, not only will it help our relationships but also our everyday life. I can’t stress this enough and really encourage everyone to at least try to improve their communication skills.

Although this isn’t the only element to a good relationship it’s certainly one of the most important. If you can combine good communication with learning to be more sensitive to the needs of others you can definitely set yourself for a good and successful relationship. If you communicate your needs to the person you love you will make them aware of them, other wise how is the other person supposed to know if you never say them? Then when the other person expresses their own needs, if you can be understanding and have sensitivity to them, you’ll be able to better cope with them and make the right decisions that will ensure happiness on both sides.

Of course nobody is born an expert on this subject and it does require some work to learn different techniques in being a better partner. Through great relationship advice from someone who you trust and your own common sense this can be accomplished and maintained. Remember that people change as time goes on, so being in a relationship is constant learning and adjusting to it as time goes on. The better you become at doing this, the better relationship you’ll have. There’s lots of people who are able to accomplish this and there’s really no excuse why you can’t be one of them too. Always stay positive and never give up. If you really want something you can get it.

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  • Anonymous

    I have 2 main things that I’ve learned in all my years of marriage that help us communicate so much better:
    1. Don’t try to read his mind- it’s tempting to think that you know what a man is saying, but so many times women fill in details that he has not said because we’re so sure we know what he “really means” The problem is that men and women think differently, so we rarely interpret his unspoken meaning correctly
    2. Make sure he’s really listening- Most men have a great ability to half listen, they will even give you simple answers that make you think that you’ve got their attention even when they’re only half paying attention. I confirm that my husband is truly listening before I delve into an important topic or any long lengthy topic.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Thanks for the comment AdviceMaven,
    I agree with both of those points. I must also say that most guys have a hard time being good communicators and talking about how we truly feel simply because we’re not brought up to be that way. It’s kind of sad but true.