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Do you hang up on your boyfriend?

Do you hang up on your boyfriend? post image

Hanging up on your boyfriend is something that seems to happen a lot in a relationship. It almost seems like the minute there’s an argument between a couple and women get frustrated they tends to hang up the phone right away. The problems is, this behavior has absolutely no positive gain to solving a problem.

I personally never call back anyone who hangs up on me, male or female. I think this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and it’s a total act of disrespect. Hanging up on someone is also immature and childish. Real adults don’t hang up on people. Real adults talk about a problem in a civilized way, without shouting or using improper language. It’s usually a dialogue between two people in which both parties exchange ideas and thoughts in an effort to coming up with a solution to a specific problem. You wouldn’t hang up on your boss in the middle of a sentence, would you?

If I’m ever in a situation where the other person hangs up on me, specially in the middle of my sentence, consider the argument over and don’t expect to hear from me EVER unless you call me back and apologize first and promise to never do it again. I generally give people one chance, only when they don’t know me well enough. I make it a point that I will not tolerate that behavior even when I’m the one at fault. If after that first incident they do it again, our relationship is over based on the fact that there’s obviously no respect what so ever between us. One of the most important factor in a relationship is respect and if it’s lost, then there’s no point in wasting my time. It’s really important to always have respect for one another in a relationship and those are the initial signs you’re going in the wrong direction.

Most importantly when someone hangs up on the other person, the possibilities of solving a problem are almost completely gone. The whole purpose of the argument is to come up with a solution to it and hanging up the phone is definitely not one of them.

Although some men do it too, it seems like women are the ones that do it more often, and not just the young ones. I don’t understand why. It’s almost like they think they’re supposed to hang up on guys when ever they feel like it. On occasions they even do it on purpose and wait by the phone to see if the guy calls back. How immature is that?

Ladies grow up and stop hanging up on people.

I encourage everyone to put a stop to this behavior by never allowing it to start from the beginning of any relationship. But the key to making this work is to make a big deal about it the first time it happens and get your expectations across without any doubts. If you’re currently in a relationship where this happens a lot, you can still put a stop to it but it will just take a bit more effort. At the same time know that it works both ways and if you don’t want someone to hang up on you, you should be the first one to never do it.

So, are you the kind that hangs up on people? Why do you do it?

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  • Marie

    Yep, I agree with this post completely. There’s no reason to disrespect someone who is not disrespecting you. I’m a woman and this guy I was dating recently did it to me. The first time he did it, it was because he wasn’t getting his way. He hung up on me, and I refused to call him back. Two days later, he apologized profusely and I gave him a chance. He did it again the other day — I was not disrespecting him in any way, all I was doing was making a point that he did not like or agree with. He hung up on me again. I decided to nip it in the bud immediately and end the cycle. I calmed myself down and called him back twenty minutes later. He picked up right away. I told him in no uncertain terms that I did not want to continue dating him or even be friends with him since he doesn’t respect me and that I do not appreciate being disrespected. There was nothing but silence on the phone and I thought he had hung up again. But then he said “Okay,” and then I hung up the phone. I meant every word I had said to him. Immature men and women who have no regard for anyone else’s thoughts, opinions or feelings but their own are the ones who are guilty of this behavior and it should not be tolerated.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    I’m so glad to hear you put a stop to this annoying behavior and in fact actually dumped this immature person. Good for you.

  • Ashley

    The only reason I hang up is because I try and stay calm and explain to the person that calling me names and etc is wrong after telling them how it’s affecting me–when they continue to do so I hang up because it’s the only thing that gets through their skull.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    The proper way to doing this is to simply say to the other person that at that moment the conversation is not going anywhere and that it’s best to talk some other time and then hang up. Absolutely unacceptable to hang up without any warnings and out of frustration. THAT”S RUDE!

  • SheerGlamour

    I agree with post of last honest guy.  However if that someone has already hung up the phone on you before, and that person is a total jerk you deserve to hung up the phone on that individual.  I speak from experience.  I was building a serious relationship with my ex significant other, of course I come to find out down the road that he’s married.  Of course he tells me he is ‘separated’!.  And of course I believe him.  This is a long distance relationship, whenever I tried to prove a point of when he’s getting divorced, the guy is telling me soon and if he gets upset he hungs up the phone.  Then I had asked him of the hung up, and he has the balls to tell me he didn’t hung up because he said ‘bye’!  yeah right! what a lyer.  He frames me for ugly stuff (I had to file a police report on that person) then comes here for Christmas to spend it with me and my parents, and promises promises promises!  then goes back to New York, and changes personality telling me different stuff over the phone of what he had told me in person.  I hung up on him!  I tolerated enough crap from such a pathological lyer acting fake nice.  He disrespected me from the begining making me believe that he’s ‘single’ and asking me to be his girlffriend!  So yes some men deserve to be hunged up!

  • Debbie

    I hang up after multiple warnings, and then later get the complaint that warning someone is simply a threat and also not tolerable. I agree that hanging up because you don’t like what the other person is saying is wrong, but I don’t agree that this “no hangup” rule applies in all circumstances. I may not like what someone is saying because it’s demeaning or because they won’t allow me an equal opportunity to be heard. I may then get frustrated at my multiple failed attempts to change the subject or because I receive no opportunity to speak my perspective. In these cases I believe it’s okay to say, “I don’t want to talk anymore about this,” and after saying,”I’m going to hangup so that this conversation can be productive at some other time,” hangup!

    I used to be absolutely against hanging up for ANY reason, but I had never had somebody keep talking about something at great length, even when I made it clear that I had limited time or that I’d rather talk about something different which was more important for both of us than whatever we had talked about for the last 10-60 minutes.

  • Crystal Carmen

    I usually hang up when I am embarrassed and I feel like I may have said something to hurt the person. Staying on the line makes me feel awkward but after reading this. I will not be doing it anymore.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Glad this helps!

  • Kat

    If someone is screaming at me about something, I have no problems saying “I’ll talk to you tomorrow when you’ve calmed down, bye!” And then hang up. Screaming or yelling at someone bc they can’t calmly get their point across is equally as disrespectful if not more.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Two wrongs don’t make a right sweetheart.

  • alove

    My fiance ( which is a 38 year old man ) hangs up on me at least 4 or 5 times a week. Over anything and everything.And I mean anything. I won’t even say rude or mean things to him. He just doesn’t like something I say so he hangs up. Yes very immature and acts very much like a girl. How can I get him to see he is being very childish for doing this ?

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Break up with him.

  • Drew

    Heres whats crazy Im gonna describe the whole/exact situation… Literally me and my girl we’re on the phone and I asked her what kind of phone carrier did she have? She said “dont worry about it”, then it was quiet for a minute and she was about to tell me something.. Like “did you know” and I cut her off and said I don’t care, she hung up on me and told me goodnight.. I was like wtf?! Really?! In my head Im thinking are you serious! Over that… The thing is she’s never had a bf. I was her first.. I dont wanna say she’s immature but then again… But this girl is wife material as well.. She has everything from looks, to personality, intelligent, loyal, cant explain in words.. I dont want to lose her.
    I love her, she loves me

  • The Last Honest Guy

    The best thing to do is to put a stop to this kind of behavior from the beginning. Be mad at her, until she acknowledges that what she did was wrong and you’re not willing to tolerate that in the future. Make it clear that you’re upset and feel disrespected. If in the future she continues to do it again, that means she’s intentionally doing it and things must end if they have to at that point. A fundamental value in a relationship should be respect.

  • Abigail Bangert

    Well yes I’m the on who usually hangs up but its not when were arguing its when he says bye I have to go. Then other times he will complain he never gets to hang up so I wait for him to and he gets mad that the phone conversation didn’t end cuz he or I said bye. What does this mean I’m sooooooo confused!

  • alex

    You’re dumb. You expect to be treated well even if you’re not doing the same. Ridiculous.

  • alex

    I would’ve hung up and also dumped you. You were being a douchebag. What else do you expect.

  • alex

    You’re a moron.

  • isabella

    help help i love this man so much to not loose him i accidentally hang up now he thinks that i have another husband / man in my life when i really don’t have another man when we were together i was single we both were he is the only man i want to marry someday we been together for 4 years 🙁

  • isabella

    i’am happy with him i don’t want anyone else in my life this is really breaking my heart 🙁

  • Owlman

    Apparently Alex you clearly seem to be the Moron. Your uncalled for attack, insults obnoxious, rude, immature acknowledgment of towards The poster only proves that the content being spoken of truly exists. Thank God I’m not sharing this with you on the phone right now….

    I know I’d end up realizing I’m talking to myself if I didn’t hear the click.

  • alex

    You’re a moron too. I can hang up on whoever i want if they’re being an asshole. I don’t have to baby the asshole like hes 5 years old.

  • Sally

    I always hang up on my bf. All the time. Not because I want to, but because he puts me down. He starts calling me names and assuming the worst. I tell him to stop, and then I tell him if you can’t respect me I’m going to hang up. It’s not fair that I have to hear things in a verbal abusive way. I’m getting tired of it because I don’t like it anymore.. he thinks I’m immature because I always hung up well I think it’s immature for him to call his partner names when it doesn’t go his way. He starts raising his voice when I’m not even yelling.. I don’t even say bad words but he has the right? That’s not fair. I’m getting over it already as well.