What do men’s compliments really mean?

by The Last Honest Guy

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Men refer to women in many different terms – hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc… Can you give us a breakdown of what these terms mean, from a man’s perspective?

Men refer to women in many different ways and of course we use many different terms depending on who we are judging. We use terms like, pretty, beautiful, fine, hot, cute, just to name a few.

We also use different terminology to refer to women depending on who we’re with.

If we are hanging out with the guys we don’t use the same terms as if we’re hanging out with our girl. We generally don’t show our sensitive side when we are in front of our guy friends and avoid sounding like pussies in front of them. Remember that in front of the guys we are supposed to be tough and masculine, that’s just the way it works. So ladies please don’t get upset if we are different with you when we are in front of our friends. It’s not that we are fake or don’t mean the things we say when we are alone it’s just the way it is and there’s not much we can do about it (unless you want us to lose all respect from other men on earth).

Please know that if we start to act all “sweet” in front of our friends and they happen to be with their girls too then it also makes them look bad. It never fails that after they leave their girl starts complaining and saying things like; “did you see he opens the door for her, how come you don’t do the same?” or “look he’s always giving her kisses and you never kiss me in front of them”. This kind of behavior from your part definitely doesn’t help the situation either.

The best way to describe the way we use different terms to refer to our woman is simple. Terms such as fine, hot and “she looks good” are used to refer to an exotic woman, someone who we lust and just want to nail right then and there. This is the type of girl that looks sexual and erotic and usually looks like a playboy model. In other words those terms are used when a women looks very sexy.

Other terms like pretty and beautiful or even cute are used to refer to a woman that is an all-around good looking girl. This is the kind of girl that we want to keep and bring home to mama. When we call a girl pretty and beautiful it means that we are thinking more long-term and is someone who is girlfriend/wife material. Generally this kind of girl is a good candidate for possibly having kids with. These types of terms also mean that we not only like your looks but also your personality. If your man ever calls you any of these terms (pretty/beautiful) you should feel flattered and pleased knowing that your man thinks of you long-term and not just for one night.

However, also know that it’s possible for your man to refer to you using both types of compliments from time to time and this is generally done when the specific term applies to the situation. Let me explain, if one night you suddenly surprise him with a brand new sexy lingerie and just jump on top of him and start ridding him like a pony (please do) then he might say you are looking hot. This doesn’t mean he only wants you for that night, it means you are looking sexy and exotic and he’s digging it. Keep that in mind and don’t hesitate to get creative in finding ways to make your man call you the words you’re looking for.

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  • Goddress

    I wonder if guys care how we refer to them.  I think the big difference is we outright lie to build up their egos (so most guys think they’re a lot better than they are) and men are really gullible and believe it.  Fact is there are very few “hot” guys out there.  The smart woman knows to make her average to ugly guy think he’s as handsome as Brad Pitt.  funny actually….

  • Gracehopstat

    My friend overheard some guys calling me “hot”. I am really concerned now. (In case your wondering, I am not a slut.)

  • Gracehopstat

    My friend overheard some guys calling me “hot”. I am really concerned now. (In case your wondering, I am not a slut.)

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    Not to worry… All it means is you’re very attractive!

  • Hottie

    Actally, ‘hot’ is the top compliment and does NOT mean he won’t take you home to meet his mother. John F. Kennedy Jr and David Aouate (Israeli soccer star goalie) are major HOT and I’d take them home any day and keep them. Of course, JFK Jr is no longer with us but you get my drift. There are very few HOT men, as one blogger noted aldready.

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    I think you’re missing the point here sweetheart. Men and women use the same terms in a totally different way and is not that simple. This is a perfect example of why I’m here; women think that because THEY act or think a certain way, men do too. I’m here to tell you how a man really thinks because I am one. Stop getting advice about men from your BFF, its wrong! Get advice from another man who is honest and doesn’t want to get in your pants, me.

  • A chivalric youth

    aye, it does matter what girls call us. “Cute” is less appealing to the manly side of us, while “hot” buffs both personal view of masculinity and confidence in ones looks, usually because it refers too body quality as well as handsomeness. Honestly for a guy like me though(not a player, and value women very much) I prefer to be called strong, sweet, reliable or honorable, as it is what I strive to be. I find this rare yet the preferred compliment will depend on the kind of man you are talking to.

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  • Eve

    I had a guy see me dressed up for the first time and he said, “Look at you, all dressed up, dress, stockings, boots everything. I like it.” Seemed like a far stretch from a simple, you look nice. These type of compliments always confuse me. I should probably just take it, that he noticed each piece of clothing and he likes it. Right? I’m reading into this one aren’t I?

  • Simplysweet12

    Thanks for this read, it gives some insight on how men think. I have been talking to a guy who is a little older than I (25/35 in case you were curious), and I have been wondering about his feelings. He tells me he is very attracted to me, and while he does refer to me as hot/sexy, he definitely refers to me as beautiful a whole lot more, and says he adores my personality, and can tell it’s genuine so that just makes me feel great. It is kind of odd though and the part that I find confusing is some of the things he says, he will call me “baby”, “his girl/his beautiful girl” so it just makes me wonder what is going on in his head because it almost feels like we are in a relationship even though we aren’t.

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    There’s no doubt that if you’re HOT he’s attracted to you. The real questions here is, does he want a relationship or does he just want to get laid (friends w/ benefits)? What do you want? If you want to have a relationship with him, you should express that either indirectly (hints) or directly if you feel you can comfortably do that at this point. He might just be thinking you’re ok with not having an official “tittle” since you haven’t brought it up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003311560649 Yuki Ching

    kinda alot ppl say i looks fine .so i am exactly pretty or normal ? i just dont really get it ==ZZZZZZzzzzz

  • G

    If a guy calls a woman sexy, that would be under the ‘nail tonight’ catagory?

  • hot man

    This is totally stupid…because some girls are hot as well as long term relationship material, and some girls are not hot and not long term relationship material, etc. Just because a woman is hot does not mean she is not the type of woman that you would want to have a relationship with and/or introduce to your mom. Also, plenty of women are hot without being exotic looking. I suspect that you don’t know the difference between exotic or erotic.

    Just because someone is hot/sexy/drop dead gorgeous does not mean they are lacking in another department. People just go around saying this to feel better about themselves.

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    Someone who names himself “hot man” is generally not a hot man! You sir, sound like someone who has absolutely no game!

  • Angie

    HI. Sooo… if a guy says you’re “pretty hot,” what does it imply?

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    That he likes the way you look! Not referring to personality but purely looks.

  • Beautifulskyjj

    I still wonder… I’ve been calling my guy friend ”cute” for over a year now and he doesn’t seem to hate it, at least that’s what I think. I made a nickname for him with the word cute in it. A while ago he just said to my other best girl friend that I’m amazing and awesome. Then he said to me that I’m cute. He’s acting so awkward these days, it’s weird.. It’s the first time he’s being like this, I don’t know what to think lol. I’ve known him for more than 10 years so that’s probably why.. my god, I don’t understand guys.. Someone please help :o

  • christina

    ok so there is this guy i am interested in often calls me his girlfriend to be precise his sexy gf and also exotic but there are times he also called me beautiful so i am like confused now because i am not quite sure wether he wants me just for sex or sees me as a long term partner?!

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    At the beginning most guys are obviously attracted to only your looks because they don’t really know you. It’s up to you to connect and create this sense of value to him that will make him want to be with you and not just for one night.

  • Engy

    Thank you for the post. It is nice to know what guys actually mean, because I do agree with you on the fact that males and females have different communication styles. I had a little encounter at work the other day and I wanted an opinion (hope you can give me one). I was at work and this guy came by asked for something from my coworker and stopped to talk to me. By the end of the conversation (after I said I was married), he told me “I think you are pretty” and shook my hand. What does this mean?

  • Engy

    I forgot to mention that he asked personal questions and this was my first time seeing/meeting him.

  • kelsea

    I’m overweight and not really pretty to be honest, but a guy told me “you look very good” the other day and I don’t know how I should feel because he’s one of those army buff guys he really caught me off guard

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    He probably thinks you might be an easy prey

  • Jemra

    In my senior year almost 5 guys called me beautiful, but i always ignored them because I’m not allowed to date, but I feel so bad that whenever they mentioned me i never payed attention to them

  • Kayla

    What does it mean when a guy calls you baby?

  • http://www.thelasthonestguy.com The Last Honest Guy

    If he’s not your boyfriend it’s just a way of flirting.

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