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What do men’s compliments really mean?


Men refer to women in many different terms – hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc… Can you give us a breakdown of what these terms mean, from a man’s perspective?


Men refer to women in many different ways and of course we use many different terms depending on who we are judging. We use terms like, pretty, beautiful, fine, hot, cute, just to name a few.

We also use different terminology to refer to women depending on who we’re with.

If we are hanging out with the guys we don’t use the same terms as if we’re hanging out with our girl. We generally don’t show our sensitive side when we are in front of our guy friends and avoid sounding like pussies in front of them. Remember that in front of the guys we are supposed to be tough and masculine, that’s just the way it works. So ladies please don’t get upset if we are different with you when we are in front of our friends. It’s not that we are fake or don’t mean the things we say when we are alone it’s just the way it is and there’s not much we can do about it (unless you want us to lose all respect from other men on earth).

Please know that if we start to act all “sweet” in front of our friends and they happen to be with their girls too then it also makes them look bad. It never fails that after they leave their girl starts complaining and saying things like; “did you see he opens the door for her, how come you don’t do the same?” or “look he’s always giving her kisses and you never kiss me in front of them”. This kind of behavior from your part definitely doesn’t help the situation either.

The best way to describe the way we use different terms to refer to our woman is simple. Terms such as fine, hot and “she looks good” are used to refer to an exotic woman, someone who we lust and just want to nail right then and there. This is the type of girl that looks sexual and erotic and usually looks like a playboy model. In other words those terms are used when a women looks very sexy.

Other terms like pretty and beautiful or even cute are used to refer to a woman that is an all-around good looking girl. This is the kind of girl that we want to keep and bring home to mama. When we call a girl pretty and beautiful it means that we are thinking more long-term and is someone who is girlfriend/wife material. Generally this kind of girl is a good candidate for possibly having kids with. These types of terms also mean that we not only like your looks but also your personality. If your man ever calls you any of these terms (pretty/beautiful) you should feel flattered and pleased knowing that your man thinks of you long-term and not just for one night.

However, also know that it’s possible for your man to refer to you using both types of compliments from time to time and this is generally done when the specific term applies to the situation. Let me explain, if one night you suddenly surprise him with a brand new sexy lingerie and just jump on top of him and start ridding him like a pony (please do) then he might say you are looking hot. This doesn’t mean he only wants you for that night, it means you are looking sexy and exotic and he’s digging it. Keep that in mind and don’t hesitate to get creative in finding ways to make your man call you the words you’re looking for.


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  • The Last Honest Guy

    Definitely a good sign! Sounds like he’s into you.

  • this article is pure idiocy

    What a laugh! This person sounds like they have more ‘game’ in a second more than you would in an entire lifetime! What kind of advice is “we cant be nice to you in front of our friends and their girlfriends”

  • Doris

    Thanks LHG, that makes me feel better!

  • The Last Honest Guy

    You’re welcome! Anytime.

  • Sami jean

    You make a good point. Although the question is why would a man (you) want to sit there and spend time descussing what you mean.

  • Asma Ansari

    One of my friend called me baby 2 days back, when I was so worried, may be to comfort me. But when I text him then too he called me baby about 4 times. And when I asked the reason for late reply of his, he said, sorry baby, I was busy in office. He was repeatedly calling me baby.It was strange, I know him since 3 years, he was never like that. Don’t know what happened to him. Just want to ask if he has developed a liking for me? Well, I too have started feeling for him in a strange way.

  • Asma Ansari

    Yes, I am a girl of 18 and he is 26 now. I know him since 3 years, and this year he even asked me he wants a birthday gift. I am still confused why he asked for the gift but it was okay. I want to know why he called me baby, does he likes me? Actually, he was in my school but now he moved to other place for job. When he will come here he just wanna meet me. And, he is, he remember each and everything of mine, when I talked to him last month after 2 years, he recognised my voice and he remember each and every detail of me. He had those photographs of mine when I was in school(Now I have completed my schooling). I want to know if he likes me because since 2 months I have developed a liking for him in a strange way.

  • Mary

    What if he’s kinda shy? I have a guy, we have been talking recently and he doesn’t use my name he always says hey girl or nice to see you girl… I can’t figure out if he’s friendzoned me or if he’s teasing or what. Any insight? He’s very shy. I usually have to initiate conversations but he’s gotten to where he will at least verbally greet me now.

  • Candice Goddard

    I wouldn’t take that as a compliment. He was talking about your clothes, just listing them and if your account is accurate he actually avoided giving an opinion on you personally. He didn’t even say that you looked good in the outfit. Sounds as though it was in response to a question like “how do I look? Or “what do you think?” If that’s the case it’s an indirect answer to a direct question and therefore deceitive. Frankly you should trust your instincts, it didn’t feel like a compliment so it wasn’t.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Thanks for giving your point of view!

  • Miesha

    What if a guy is always complimenting my voice? He has even given me a nickname, smooth-voice. When we run into one another he would call me smooth-voice with a smile and eye-contact. What does any of this mean?

  • The Last Honest Guy

    It’s just an excuse to make conversation with you and you probably do have a “smooth voice”.

  • Momokuco

    What does it mean if a sweet boy (20) who was doing some work for me arounds the sends me a text to tell me that he thinks I’m absolutely beautiful and was too shy to tell me in person? I’m married, 3 kids and 40…and he knows this. Just trying to figure out how to react…if it’s just a compliment….well, he made my day. But I’m worried that it could be more…I mean…why would a guy just feel the need to tell someone this (he said he just had to tell me).

  • The Last Honest Guy

    He’s looking for a MILF (look it up)!

  • justanothergirl

    But what does it mean when a guy calls you babe or baby?

  • The Last Honest Guy

    If he’s you’re boyfriend then it just a way to refer to you as his girlfriend. Nothing beyond that.

  • Sarah Jones

    Well he is blind as a bat if he thinks your not that attractive anymore. I had to deal with one of those guys that didn’t see what was infront of him.

  • sandy

    What if he says you are a wonderful woman

  • Lauren

    This guy that I recently started talking to called my pretty the other night and walked away immediately after and hasn’t really looked at me since or talked….what does that mean?

  • The Last Honest Guy

    That means he really likes you but he’s probably really shy and afraid of rejection.

  • Faith Angel

    My boyfriend calls me his beautiful wife

  • Faith Angel

    What does that mean

  • Honey

    Cause he wants girls to not make a fool of themselves in front of their crush.

  • Honey

    My guy best friend called me perfect then rated me a 10/10. I like him but I think he was just being nice.

  • Kaylee Cole

    Today at the workshop,this guy slowly walked past me behind me, and when he was on my right side he said “beautiful!” Then he walked to the other side of me and said “beautiful girl” I looked at him and he was smiling at me

  • Bored

    I met 2 guys from my school while hanging out with my friends. One of them called me a hottie. They kept trying to call me over. IDK if they are just messing with me or something, but the other tried to sit with us, and teased me. Before, we were at cvs, the guy who called me hot had reeses, I asked for one, he said no, the other guy who teased me said “I’ll buy you one”. And this has just been bothering me. Any reply towards this will be really apreciated. Thanks <3

  • Vaex

    Why would you wanna impress the guys anyways? Forget seeming manly infront of your friends..treat your girl like a Queen whether you two are at home or out and about…the guy that was showing his girl attention seems to be worry more of his girl feelings than letting a sword fight stopping him from giving it to her.

  • Gigi

    I just found out that a bunch of guys have these ‘codes’ between each other to say if a girl is hot or if she’s like super super extremely hot. When a friend told me this, I discovered they catalog me a super super fine BUT I’m not one to dress like a slut nor act like one. How could this be? Why would they call me that if I dress nice/casually and I’m dedicated to my studies? I’m a bit confused

  • Gigi

    I just found out that a bunch of guys have these ‘codes’ between each other to say if a girl is hot or if she’s like super super extremely hot. When a friend told me this, I discovered they catalog me a super super fine BUT I’m not one to dress like a slut nor act like one. How could this be? Why would they call me that if I dress nice/casually and I’m dedicated to my studies? I’m a bit confused

  • Abigail Bangert

    I have this guy friend, he always calls me beutiful, pretty, baby girl etc. Its like were in a relationship but we’re not. He hasn’t asked me out so I feel like a side chick! What does this mean!

  • Idk15

    I have a boyfriend. And he said that “I want to fuck you entirely ” what does that means??

  • Hey My name is Hannah B

    This guy that I’m friends with has called me pretty twice. Since I’m only a freshman, does this mean the same thing?

  • The Last Honest Guy

    That means he finds you attractive.

  • Amanda

    A guy I know said a look pretty,gorgeous & beautiful what does he really mean and please can you tell me what does it mean when a guy sends you red Rose’s and saids he likes you

  • Aurora Michelina

    I agree with hot man.There were men that I didn’t date seriously who referred to me as being beautiful and gorgeous, but they themselves weren’t long term material. Then there were my serious boyfriends who referred to me as being beautiful, but more so as hot and sexy.

  • SnoopLoop

    Hello! So, this is a rather lengthy and old post but I’m just curious as all the other girls/women here. A couple of days ago, one of my close friends called me cute several times during the night. We usually watch shows together and talk for hours. But, it was out of the blue. He would say it as I’m talking. The next day, he said that he was sorry if he made me feel awkward by saying that to me a lot. I know he has self esteem problems and thinks no one likes him. How would you interpret this situation?

  • Yahoo

    He think I am beautiful, but told coworker and think I am very beautiful and told his son about me. His son think I am really beautiful and he’s excited for his dad and me. He told me that he want to marry me and spend life with me. He’s very lucky to have me. Is that a good news?

  • Amber Bledsoe

    Hi my boyfriend has said I look nice but never has told me I’m pretty to my face or I look pretty. He has txt “hey beautiful” once or twice but never called me it to my face.
    Other friends have said he used the word but I don’t believe them. And why is this bothering me sooo much?

  • cee

    My boyfriend is very inconsistent, sometimes he calls me beautiful, but then sometimes he calls me hot. Those mean two different types of attractiveness. So, what am I to him?

  • Elisa

    You stupid shit

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