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Physical Attraction vs. Emotional Attraction

Physical Attraction vs. Emotional Attraction post image

When it comes to men, physical attractions vs. emotional attractions are two completely different worlds. Men by nature are physical people, we like to look at things that attract us and that’s why you girls constantly catch us looking away. So, that’s a fact and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s like telling an elephant not to eat peanuts; it’s just not going to happen. If you think that your man doesn’t look away you are wrong and delusional. However I do believe that if your man is constantly checking out other women in front of you it’s disrespectful and just not cool.

“What you girls have to realize is that just because men look at other women that doesn’t mean that we are not attracted to you.”

We are with you for a reason and you should be happy and confident for that. We look away because it’s in our nature. It always gets me when I see girls being jealous and fighting with their man because of this, it just shows how insecure they really are and it kills it. The worst I’ve seen is when a girl gets jealous over someone on TV. C’mon girls! This is just something stupid to fight over; don’t do it.

Now that we have cleared what a physical attraction is lets talk about an emotional attraction. This is the one all women should worry about (and men too, I guess) because is the one that’s actually a threat to your relationship. An emotional attraction is when a man is likes a woman for their personality and not necessary their looks only. This is the most dangerous because a man can actually leave you for this other person and the reason is simple, this other woman is giving him something that you’re not. A lot of the times a good looking woman thinks that because she has the looks she is everything a man wants. Well, that’s wrong, of course being physically attractive is VERY IMPORTANT to a man but the truth is that this is not the only factor necessary for longevity. When a man is emotionally attracted to an other woman is because the women he has at home is not giving him want he needs and therefore he is seeking it and getting it from an other place.

Instead of getting mad about this, women should really stop and think about the cause in order to be able to find the solution. When a man is getting all of his need met at home by his partner he really has no reason to look somewhere else. Next time this happens to you really look at your actions a behavior and you will find the answer you’re looking for.

Believe it or not men also want someone that’s understanding, has things in common and most importantly that can be our friend. In the perfect world we would have a girl with those traits plus good looks. Of course that’s not always the case, but you have to remember that after so many years the good looks go away and the only thing left is the actual friendship and companionship that becomes the glue that will keep the relationship happy and alive for many years.

Words of advice to you! Never worry when your man has a physical attraction to another woman (that’s normal) but worry when he’s emotionally involved. At that point you have completely lost him and you’re only options are to stay with him and deal with it or just simply acknowledge the fact and move on. Look back at you’re mistakes and don’t regret but rather learn from them and do things differently in the future.

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  • Irked

    I stumbled on this article and I’m really amazed at how misogynistic and narrow minded it is.  The litany of syntax errors doesn’t help your credibility either.  The way you write makes it seem as though men are perfectly innocent creatures while women are conceited, unfeeling harpies.  It seems pretty obvious that you have some deep bitterness and resentment toward women in general, and I suggest that you sort those issues out before you continue writing authoritative advice blogs geared toward women.  Also, please know that your views do not represent the feelings of the majority of men but rather an excessively opinionated, outspoken minority. 

  • Margo

    Seriously, do you even realize how anti women you are? Read your articles aloud to your therapist one day- I’m sure it will give him or her a very good window into your deluded world. Every relationship is different and people stray for different reasons. You speak in stereotypes, and always put the responsibility of any failure or relationship mishap on the woman. 
    “Instead of getting mad about this, women should really stop and think about the cause in order to be able to find the solution. When a man is getting all of his need met at home by his partner he really has no reason to look somewhere else. Next time this happens to you really look at your actions a behavior and you will find the answer you’re looking for.”Instead of getting mad about cheating? Really? Maybe the cause is that he’s a cheater, and can’t commit to a woman. Period. Why should the woman have to do a deep psychoanalysis into herself for his asshole behavior? Aren’t you always the one saying that women are too insecure and over analytical anyways? Would you feel the same way if your girlfriend cheated on you? Would you sit down and take a hard look at yourself? I Doubt it.
    I completely agree with you that women shouldn’t take it so hard when men check out other women- to me, its not a big deal. But to blame myself for the fact that my boyfriend cheats on me? No thanks, I am not that insecure, and don’t intend on changing that about myself you arrogant piece of work. 🙂

  • Shekhemmalkah_7

    I find this article right on!!! It is not narrow minded or egotistical! It is not anti woman! It is the truth. I am a woman myself and I figured this stuff out along time ago. But not before I married the wrong man. I am unhappily married (currently divorcing, but not for the man I am in love with) and am in a relationship with a man that is married and in love with me. He meets my needs, but more importantly, I meet the needs he has… First we became friends, then he told me he’s in love with me, then… that I am his best friend and can talk to me about anything, I eventually realized I was also in love with him. He can’t get enough of me. We are not sleeping together yet, but fool around. I am physically attractive, but I do not believe that is the basic reason this relationship happened. I am a very confident woman, grounded and in control of my emotions. I speak what I feel, even if it brings tears, or I am happy or upset. I am NOT a drama queen. Men hate that. He can’t wait to hold me and wipe away a tear if one happens to fall. There is a depth we have together that we have never had with anyone else. We meet every chance possible just to be together. The relationship is complicated b/c he has children he loves and would do anything for them. But his marriage is lifeless. I have tried to encourage him to work to get his wife to go to counseling and couples too, but I believe we connect so well that he doesn’t want to work on his marriage. I know some may think that I am a potential home wrecker, but the fact is he saught me and chased me. He saw something that he was missing. Honestly, where things are at, he was already gone from the marriage emotionally before I came along. However, I would give him up if his wife would come around and or if he tried to give the marriage another try. I love him so much. But the fact is he is “In love” with me and not his wife.

  • Ellen

    Is an emotionally unavailable man capable of emotional attraction?  How can I tell if he is incapable or afraid of true love and connection?

  • peony

    Spell/grammar check…I lost interest just because it was so poorly written however you did make some great points.

  • Latchmie

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  • Deborah Wilson

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  • M.

    what a stupid, misogynistic article. It’s like saying “women are the one to blame, because
    men is never wrong wtf”. Get a Life. Don’t you have a mother/sisters, (women) friends? f#cking narrow minded.

  • M.

    men are*

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Take it how ever you want to take it, but generally speaking that’s the truth. The women in denial will continue to get disappointed. The women who choose to listen will understand their man better and will increase their chances of having a happy relationship. You choose!

  • Susy.

    I agree with The Last Honest Gut. I am a woman and believe it takes two people to make a relationship work. If your man strays then theres a reason for that. He didnt just decide one day to stray. Im sure he prefers his life to be less complicated and risky but the fact is men dont talk out their concerns. They act but dont talk. Woman talk. Im sure you get the signs at home things arent perfect and woman are usually good at picking up on if somethings not quite right with their partner. That is your chance to pick up on it and work on your relationship or stay frustrated and in denial. Its a downward spiral for you. Making your relationship work is a choice and its not always a bed of roses. Woman are the thinkers. They are the ones who can think about whats not quite right and steer their man back to where they want him to be as Im sure your men have shown you things arent so good in the relationship. Or you can stay mad and in denial as TLHG said. Whats your choice lose him or keep him and whether we like it or not you have to give him a reason to continue to be happy and stay with you and continually freshen up the relationship and not moan about it and ignore it. Your choice.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You’re definitely thinking the way a woman does when she wants her relationship to last and stay alive.

  • Annaliese Zmegac

    I’m not even physically attracted to guys, I’m only emotionally attracted to them. I’m phi ally and emotionally attracted to girls though. I am bi

  • Curtis L. Wilson

    Then this article has no bearing on you at all I guess.

  • Samantha

    Honest, though was not expecting it to be about attraction to outside women…I don’t think an emotional attraction means he’s lost but it is worse.

  • Shelley Ann Diamond Henry

    I’m guilty of this too and didn’t even realize it.

  • Margaret

    I think this is just a bitter truth , woman NEED to understand that this is a reality – and yes – I believe it that it does apply…. to all men..

  • The Last Honest Guy

    That’s 100% correct. The truth is not always pretty but it’s reality. There’s only two options here; face it or turn the other way and pretend it’s not there. Thanks for your comment.

  • rockerchic

    If a woman struggles with insecurity (or just plain vanity), might it be a good idea to embrace lusting over other men in front of her boyfriend/husband to help her understand him better? Maybe change her own point of view about lust and just allow herself to enjoy other men in that way? How would a man feel about his woman lusting openly over other men in front of him? Might it curb his appetite to do this and grow some empathy? Just curious how they feel in reverse.

  • The Last Honest Guy

    That does not sound like a good idea to me. I would not recommend it.

  • rockerchic

    WHY? What if all women started doing this? This is philosophical by the way, just want to hear what the world might look like if women started doing things differently. It already sounds like it would not go so well for men, correct? But what would the downside, if any, be for women? What might the gain be? Care to go there, Honest Guy?

  • Mick

    I’ve been with my boyfriend 8 months. Talking for a little over year. We have talked everyday all day for that time period. Since then, we have become closer than close. As we were together through some very heart wrenching events. He’s the type of guy women dream of having. And it really, REALLY pisses me off when guys like this claim that all men are exactly the same. Ladies, this it NOT TRUE. Sure, guys look st girls. But don’t we do the same? Its harmless. But to be physically attracted, that’s not okay. A guy should only be attracted to YOU. There really are men out there who know how to behave and treat you with respect and to care for your feelings. Don’t listen to this. Women aren’t at fault here. Its these men who have this kind of mentality. There’s WONDERFUL men out there. Completely unlike this- take it from me. Don’t put up with this bs. Find someone who only wants YOU! ❤

  • cassandra reyes

    I agree with the first half… men are very much physical creatures. Their designed to want to procreate and spread their seed… point blank. Emotional connection is where they struggle and cannot seem to master. It is not the respobsibility of women only to make a relationship work. Men are in the relationship too and should speak up too if their “needs” arent being met. I think this article gives men a lame excuse to stray or cheat. I recommend a human sexuality class for those who seem to think this article makes sense. It doesnt.

  • InterestingMoney

    Lol so he can’t tell her that he’s emotionally disconnected? He gotta step out of the relationship FIRST? And then she’s left to figure out what went wrong? lol that’s right ladies make sure you make your man happy so he doesn’t leave you. God forbid he’s so perfect in every way that he should embarrass you and you turn and break your neck for him. HILARIOUS. Love the women on here agreeing too lol fools.